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With Positio, the tradition of First Steps continues in our high quality series of music for ballet instruction accompaniment. Each of the 29 bands offer 4 count introductions along with slow and steady tempos especially selected for your beginner levels and thoughtfully presented by pianist Tatyana Shargorodsky. Positio offers a rich and colorful collection of some of the most cherished pieces in the classical music repertoire and a must have in the classroom.

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1. March 4/4 In Lilac Time 128cts H. Engelman 1:27
2. Plié 6/8 Nocturne No. 8 128cts J. Field 5:08
3. Tendu With Plié 3/4 Idylle 64cts L. Andre 1:59
4. Tendu 2/4 Gypsy Baron, Excerpts 64cts I. Calman 1:28
5. Jeté 4/4 Czárdás 64cts Hungarian Folk Song 1:26
6. Rond De Jambe Par Terre 4/4 Nocturne Op. 55 No. 1 64cts F. Chopin 2:22
7. Fondu 3/4 Waltz Op. 15 No. 15 64cts M. Moszkowski 64cts 2:46
8. Frappé 2/4 Rabbie’s Reel 64cts B. Murray 1:25
9. Rond De Jambe En L’Air 2/4 The Tocherless Lass 64cts Scottish Folk Song 2:15
10. Petit Battement 2/4 Kolomeike 64cts Ukrainian Folk Song 1:13
11. Adagio 4/4 The Conservatoire 64cts H.S. Paulli 2:30
12. Grand Battement 2/4 Gypsy Baron, No. 14 Terzet 64cts I. Calman 1:12


13. Short Adagio 4/4 La Traviata, Germont’s Aria 64cts G. Verdi 2:13
14. Tendu, Jeté 2/4 Raphael, Pas De Trois, Var. No 2 64cts J.F. Fröhlich 1:25
15. Rond De Jambe Par Terre 4/4 La Traviata, Prelude No. 1 64cts G. Verdi 2:41
16. Frappé, Pas De Bourrée 2/4 Etude in B Flat 64cts C. Czerny 1:25
17. Fondu, Rond De Jambe En L’Air 4/4 Chant Sans Paroles 64cts H. Pachulski 1:42
18. Pas De Basque, Balancé 3/4 Le Voyage Dans La Lune 64cts J. Offenbach 1:50
19. Long Adagio 3/4 The Skaters Waltz 128 E. Waldteufel 4:24
20. Grand Battement 4/4 Etude in G 64cts C. Czerny 1:21


21. Trampoline Jumps #1 2/4 Don Quixote, Hide and Seek 128cts L. Minkus 1:26
22. Trampoline Jumps #2 2/4 Einzuga-Galopp 128cts J. Strauss 1:25
23. Temps Levé, Changement Des Pieds 4/4 Arcona, Male Variation 64cts V.C. Holm 1:30
24. Echappé, Assemblé 4/4 Le Voyage Dans La Lune, Pas De Trois 64cts J. Offenbach 1:27
25. Jeté, Sissonne 4/4 A Reel For Jeannie 64cts D. Keir 1:26
26. Balancé 3/4 Die Landjunker Walzer Op. 182 128cts J. Strauss 3:43
27. Pas De Polka 2/4 Krakoviak 128cts Polish Folk Song 1:37
28. Mazurka 3/4 Le Voyage Dans La Lune 128cts J. Offenbach 3:10
29. Révérence 3/4 Romance 32cts C. Gurlitt 1:27


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