Firmare – Music for Intermediate Ballet DIGITAL ALBUM


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Our entire second intermediate album, Firmare, available as a digital album for purchase. Instant download after payment.

One download per purchase; download link expires 30 days after purchase. Please read our Terms of Use to guide your use of our digital offerings.

In the tradition of Step Up we complete our second high quality series of music for ballet instruction. Firmare builds on foundations with a carefully chosen musical collection that enhances the application of strength and control for better expression of form. These exquisite pieces selected and expertly performed by pianist Tatyana Shargorodsky inspire a higher level of accomplishment for the developing dancer.

Audio Samples:

Full Track Listing


Plié 3/4 Mazurka 128cts F. Chopin 5:15
Tendu With Plié 3/4 Mazurka 128cts F. Lehár 3:10
Tendu 2/4 La Sylphide, Var./A Folktale, Var. 128cts H.S. Lovenskjold/N.W. Gade 2:33
Jeté 2/4 La Péri, Var. No. 2 128cts F. Burgmuller 2:26
Rond De Jambe Par Terre 3/4 Faceira 128cts E. Nazareth 4:00
Fondu 3/4 Themis Klänge Waltz Op. 201 No. 133 128cts J. Strauss 3:38
Frappé 2/4 Air De Ballet Op. 36 No. 5 128cts M. Moszkowski 2:23
Rond De Jambe En L’Air 4/4 Cabaletta 64cts T. Lack 1:50
Petit Battement 2/4 The Back O’Bennachie 64cts Scottish Folk Song 1:06
Adagio 4/4 Nocturne Op. 37 No. 1 128cts F. Chopin 4:16
Grand Battement 4/8 Czárdás No. 42 64cts Hungarian Folk Song 1:14


Plié 2/4 Love’s Greeting 128cts E. Elgar 4:14
Tendu, Jeté 2/4 Laurcencia, Var. No. 1 128cts A. Krein 2:31
Rond De Jambe, Fondu 3/4 Printemps D’Amour 64cts F. Lehár 2:12
Frappé 4/4 Original Parade-Marsch Op. 102 64cts J. Strauss 1:15
Adagio 6/8 Raphael, Adagio 128cts J.F. Fröhlich 4:14
Petit Battement, Pas De Bourrée 2/4 Abdallah, Var. 128cts H.S. Paulli 3:28
Waltz 3/4 Valse 128cts G. Karganoff 3:28
Pirouettes 2/4 Kolomeike 64cts Ukrainian Folk Song 1:18
Pas De Basque 3/4 German Dances Op. 33 128cts F. Schubert 2:55
Grand Battement 4/4 Brave Scotland 64cts Scottish Folk Song 1:16


Petit Allegro #1 2/4 Flames of Paris, Var. 64cts B. Asafiev :53
Petit Allegro #2 2/4 Giselle, 1st Act Var. 64cts A. Adam :59
Medium Allegro #1 6/8 The Cock O’The North 64cts Scottish Folk Song 1:01
Medium Allegro #2 2/4 Ballet Des Flocons De Neige, Polka 128cts J. Offenbach 2:18
Medium Allegro #3 6/8 Canzonetta 128cts V. Hollaender 2:00
Grand Allegro #1 3/4 Valse Noble Op. 77 No. 7 128cts F. Schubert 2:37
Grand Allegro #2 2/4 Danse Sauvage D’Asta, The Mountain Hut 128cts A. Winding 2:02
Batterie (slow Version) 2/4 Kosotchok 32cts Ukrainian Folk Song :40
Batterie (fast Version) 2/4 Kosotchok 32cts Ukrainian Folk Song :30
Révérence 2/4 Excerpts From White Orchids 24cts J.F. Cooke :57


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