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In the tradition of Step Up we complete our second high quality series of music for ballet instruction. Firmare builds on foundations with a carefully chosen musical collection that enhances the application of strength and control for better expression of form. These exquisite pieces selected and expertly performed by pianist Tatyana Shargorodsky inspire a higher level of accomplishment for the developing dancer.

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Plié 3/4 Mazurka 128cts F. Chopin 5:15
Tendu With Plié 3/4 Mazurka 128cts F. Lehár 3:10
Tendu 2/4 La Sylphide, Var./A Folktale, Var. 128cts H.S. Lovenskjold/N.W. Gade 2:33
Jeté 2/4 La Péri, Var. No. 2 128cts F. Burgmuller 2:26
Rond De Jambe Par Terre 3/4 Faceira 128cts E. Nazareth 4:00
Fondu 3/4 Themis Klänge Waltz Op. 201 No. 133 128cts J. Strauss 3:38
Frappé 2/4 Air De Ballet Op. 36 No. 5 128cts M. Moszkowski 2:23
Rond De Jambe En L’Air 4/4 Cabaletta 64cts T. Lack 1:50
Petit Battement 2/4 The Back O’Bennachie 64cts Scottish Folk Song 1:06
Adagio 4/4 Nocturne Op. 37 No. 1 128cts F. Chopin 4:16
Grand Battement 4/8 Czárdás No. 42 64cts Hungarian Folk Song 1:14


Plié 2/4 Love’s Greeting 128cts E. Elgar 4:14
Tendu, Jeté 2/4 Laurcencia, Var. No. 1 128cts A. Krein 2:31
Rond De Jambe, Fondu 3/4 Printemps D’Amour 64cts F. Lehár 2:12
Frappé 4/4 Original Parade-Marsch Op. 102 64cts J. Strauss 1:15
Adagio 6/8 Raphael, Adagio 128cts J.F. Fröhlich 4:14
Petit Battement, Pas De Bourrée 2/4 Abdallah, Var. 128cts H.S. Paulli 3:28
Waltz 3/4 Valse 128cts G. Karganoff 3:28
Pirouettes 2/4 Kolomeike 64cts Ukrainian Folk Song 1:18
Pas De Basque 3/4 German Dances Op. 33 128cts F. Schubert 2:55
Grand Battement 4/4 Brave Scotland 64cts Scottish Folk Song 1:16


Petit Allegro #1 2/4 Flames of Paris, Var. 64cts B. Asafiev :53
Petit Allegro #2 2/4 Giselle, 1st Act Var. 64cts A. Adam :59
Medium Allegro #1 6/8 The Cock O’The North 64cts Scottish Folk Song 1:01
Medium Allegro #2 2/4 Ballet Des Flocons De Neige, Polka 128cts J. Offenbach 2:18
Medium Allegro #3 6/8 Canzonetta 128cts V. Hollaender 2:00
Grand Allegro #1 3/4 Valse Noble Op. 77 No. 7 128cts F. Schubert 2:37
Grand Allegro #2 2/4 Danse Sauvage D’Asta, The Mountain Hut 128cts A. Winding 2:02
Batterie (slow Version) 2/4 Kosotchok 32cts Ukrainian Folk Song :40
Batterie (fast Version) 2/4 Kosotchok 32cts Ukrainian Folk Song :30
Révérence 2/4 Excerpts From White Orchids 24cts J.F. Cooke :57

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