The Artists

Tatyana Featherman - Pianist
Tatyana Featherman was born in the former Soviet Union, where she received her elementary music education in the Ukrainian city of Lvov. Upon completing her education in Odessa, Tatyana was engaged as an accompanist with Vodnic, a prestigious rhythmic gymnastic school. In 1982, Tatyana immigrated to the United States where she began working as an accompanist for Margarita and John White, directors of the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet. During the ensuing years, Tatyana recorded three albums for ballet classes - "Spirit of Movement," "Harmony in Motion" and "Fire Within." While studying ballet at the academy, she attended John White's teacher's seminar, and began teaching ballet in addition to her work as accompanist.

John McCormick - Cover Art Designer
With a background in ballet John McCormick feels at home creating whimsical images for Whitefeather Productions. John currently lives in West Virginia with his cat Chi-chi. His unique illustrations have appeared in many publications including The New York Times.